# Saturday, 01 August 2009
In belated honor of Brian Anderson's departure from the White Sox, I wanted to pass on this little story about BA. 

The wife and I were in line for BA's autograph at Picnic in the Park.  I didn't really need BA's autograph, but I had never gotten him in person, and the wife thinks he is cute, so I thought she would get a kick out of it.  She is a huge fan of Michael Buble, and she thinks Anderson looks a lot like Buble (out of uniform anyway). 

Just as we are about to reach the front of the line, I ask her if she is going to mention to BA that he looks like Michael Buble.  She says no, making it clear that asking that question would be very embarrassing for her.

I reach BA first.  Here is the entire exchange:

Me - "Has anybody ever told you that you look like Michael Buble, the singer?"

BA - "I've heard it, but he is much, much, much better looking."

I laugh, thank him for the autograph, and move out of the line.  My wife moves up to BA, and witnesses the following exchange:

Paul Konerko (sitting next to BA at the table) - "What did that guy say to you?"

BA - "He told me that I look like Michael Buble, the singer."

Paulie looks at BA with a quizzical expression on his face.

BA - "You know!  (starts singing the Buble song "Feeling Good") Birds flying high, you know how I feel."

So my wife, a huge Buble fan, got to see Buble clone Brian Anderson sing a Buble song.  Not only that, but she says he was good!