# Monday, August 10, 2009
Well, it is official.  Alex Rios is joining the White Sox.  The Sox claimed were awarded his waiver claim, and the Jays let him go.  All it will cost is money.  Lots and lots of money.  Rios is signed to the following contract:

2009 - 5.9m (with the Sox paying a prorated amount for the rest of the season.)
2010 - 9.7m
2011 - 12m
2012  -12m
2013 - 12.5m
2014 - 12.5m
2015 - 13.5m club option (with 1m buyout)

Rios is having a down year offensively, with a 94 OPS+ to this point.  Prior to this season, he had seasonal OPS+'s of 120, 122, and 111.  Combined with excellent baserunning (112 SB vs. 33 CS) and fielding (2008 +/- of +4 in center field, in only 50 or so games), he is a very good player, with the potential to be more than that.

This does solidify our team, both this year and in the future.  There will likely be a rotation, with JD, Thome, Scotty Pods, and Quentin all getting some time off.  Honestly, all of them will probably be better off with a day or two off each week.

Chicago White Sox graphers are in for a treat... by all accounts Rios is a HORRIBLE signer.  You probably knew that already, based on the video that made the rounds of Rios verbally sparring with autograph seekers.

Bad signer or not, this helps the team and I am happy with the move!