# Thursday, December 10, 2009
The first batch of names for Soxfest 2010 was announced recently, and it is shaping up as a nice group.  Two of last years biggest no shows are scheduled to appear, and another two will be making their highly anticipated Soxfest debuts.  On to the list!

Gordon Beckham
Mark Buehrle
Freddy Garcia
Ozzie Guillen
Andruw Jones
Paul Konerko
Jayson Nix
Jake Peavy
A.J. Pierzynski
Alexei Ramirez
Matt Thornton

As I suspected, Alex Rios is not on the list.  I think it is safe to assume that the lines will fill up fastest for Buehrle, Peavy, and Beckham.

I wonder if there will be any notable former players this year, other than the usual suspects (Kittle, Minoso, etc)?  It'd be awesome to see The Big Hurt return to Soxfest.  Even better, a "Batman and Robin" appearance!

I still haven't decided whether or not I'll be attending.  Think I can convince them to hold Soxfest 2011 down in sunny Florida?

All released event info can be found here:


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