# Monday, January 04, 2010
Hello again!  I'm sorry about the lengthy delay since the last post, but I've been on Holiday!  We (the wife and I) spent some time in Las Vegas and Southern California.  I got a few nice returns during my sabbatical, of both the eBay and TTM variety.  Lets start with the eBay purchases:

Albert Belle 1998 Bowman's Best Autographs
Bill Goodman 3x5 (one step closer to completing the 59 team!)
Smead Jolley 3x5
Duane Josephson 3x5 (only need a few more all-stars!)
Willie Kamm 3x5
Cecil Upshaw 3x5

Now for the mail returns:

Greg Bollo - 3/3
Mike Cameron - 2/2
Sammy Ellis - 3/3
Tito Francona - 2/2
Ted Gray - 2/2
Jim Landis - 10/10
Don Larsen - 2/2
Eddie Robinson - 2/2
Gene Stephens - 2/2
Kevin Tapani - 2/2
Rich Wortham - 3/3