# Wednesday, February 24, 2010
I went to Kissimmee today for the Houston Astros Full Workout.  I got there really early to graph the parking lot... which was a mistake as nobody at all signed.  To make matters worse, it started pouring at around 8am.  I decided to head to Denny's for some breakfast, and debated calling it a day.  Once I finished breakfast, the rain had stopped, so I headed back to the Astros facility.  I got there just before they opened the gates to the public.  I'm glad I went back, as it ended up being a pretty good day.

Carlos Lee - 1/2
Lance Berkman - 1/2
Roy Oswalt - 1/2
Hunter Pence - 1/2
Pedro Feliz - 2/2
Jason Castro - 2/2
Matt Lindstrom - 2/2
Sean Berry - 2/2
Brian Bogusevic - 2/2
Chris Johnson - 3/3
Jeff Keppinger - 3/4
Brandon Lyon - 1/2
Tommy Manzella - 1/1
Edwin Maysonet - 1/1
Bobby Meacham - 3/3
Oswaldo Navarro - 2/2
Al Pedrique - 3/3
Chris Sampson - 2/4
Wladimir Sutil - 1/1
J.R. Towles - 1/1
Jose Valdez - 3/3

Not bad at all.  I was disappointed that I didn't get any of the former White Sox that were there, with the exception of El Caballo.  Hopefully I'll be able to get Britt Burns, Jason Bourgeois, Geoff Blum, and Gary Majewski tomorrow.

Some guys that seemed especially nice:  Bobby Meacham, Hunter Pence, Matt Lindstrom, Tommy Manzella.  When I asked Manzella if he would sign, his response was "of course".  I liked that!

Someone that didn't seem very nice:  Roy Oswalt.  He did line everybody up and sign 1 per for the whole line, so I can't complain too much.  But he never responded to anybody's thank you's or praise.  He could definitely have been a lot more personable. 

The Astros big names all seemed to do the same thing.  Line everybody up and do one per.  From what I hear, Oswalt and Berkman are pretty tough, so I was glad to get both in the same day.  We'll see if I'm so lucky tomorrow.

2010 Spring Training Totals - 49 cards, 1 8x10

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