# Sunday, February 28, 2010
Today was my final day in Fort Myers.  After the disaster yesterday, I wasn't very hopeful for today.  I was determined to get Jim Thome in the parking lot, no matter what time I had to wake up.

I got there just before 6am.  It was still completely dark outside, so I angled my car in such a way that I could use my headlights to shine a "spotlight" on me so that I could be seen.  Jim rolled in around 6:30, and I was still the only grapher there.  I turned on my headlights, and held up my sign that read "Please Jim, last day of my vacation".  Jim pulled over and signed for me!  I got his full autograph, not the rushed "JTh" he usually gives.

After getting Thome, everything else was gravy.

Jim Thome - 1/1 (20x30)
Harmon Killebrew - 1/2
Justin Morneau - 1/2
Joe Nathan - 1/2, 1/1
Scott Baker - 1/2
Alexei Casilla - 2/2
Jesse Crain - 2/2
Matt Guerrier - 4/4
J.J. Hardy - 2/2
Brendan Harris - 1/2
Jason Kubel - 2/2
Ben Revere - 3/3
Kevin Slowey - 1/2, 1/1 (help)
Matt Tolbert - 2/2
Jerry White - 1/1

I finally got Morneau and Killebrew.  I was worried that I was going to end the weekend with Jim Thome being the only big star that I got.  Still, I struck out on Mauer, Molitor, Carew, and Oliva.  Granted, just about everybody struck out on Carew and Oliva.

I'm thinking about going back for a couple of days in a week or two. 

I will post pictures for the last few days tomorrow night.  I'm finally home, but I'm much too tired to do it tonight.

2010 Spring Training Totals - 168 cards, 1 8x10, 1 mini helmet, 1 16x20, 1 20x30