# Monday, 01 March 2010
Decided to hit up the Braves for their last workout before the games start.  My main objectives were Chipper Jones and Bobby Cox.

Chipper Jones - 1/2
Bobby Cox - 2/2
Bobby Valentine - 1/1 (OMLB)
Matt Diaz - 2/2
Troy Glaus - 1/2
Jason Heyward - 2/2, 1/1 (8x10)
Brian McCann - 1/2
Nate McClouth - 1/1
Terry Pendleton - 2/2
Takashi Saito - 1/1 (OMLB signing in English and Japanese)

Not a bad day in terms of quality, though a terrible one in terms of quantity. 

Bobby Valentine was in the stands scouting.  I decided to get him on an OMLB, as I think he is one of the best managers of my lifetime.

Matt Diaz seems to be a great guy.  When he saw my two cards, he said "I don't sign the yellow one, I look too ugly!".  Then he said "I'll sign it across my face, just for you."

Nate McClouth has also become a personal favorite because of his personality.  Somebody shouted to him "I saw you throwing the football around, you have a great arm!  You could always fall back on that career."  Nate replied "I know, if only I was taller!" 

I had to run around the entire stadium to get Chipper.  I was in the grassy area beyond left field, and I saw him heading towards the little graphing area near the back fields.  I took off running.  It was probably the furthest I have run since high school.  When I got there, Chipper was just finishing signing for the crowd.  I barely had any breath to ask him to sign!