# Sunday, 06 June 2010
We just got back to the hotel.  Picnic in the Park was MUCH different from last year.  The impetus for the change?  Rain, and lots of it.  This year, the autograph session was held in the lower level concourse on the first base side of the stadium, and the actual picnic was held in the Patio area.

I had more success at this year's autograph session.  The only drawback to having it in the concourse was that there was no room to move around.  I think I said "Excuse me" more today than I had in my entire life prior to today.

Nonetheless, the results were quite good.  Surprisingly enough, I got just about every big name on the team.  Unfortunately, I got almost none of the lesser names.

Enough small talk, here is the tally!

Gordon Beckham x4 (Card, 8x10, 16x20, Mini Helmet)
Mark Buehrle x4 (Card, Sports Illustrated, 16x20, Gold Glove Baseball)
Ramon Castro x4 (Card x3, 8x10)
John Danks x4 (Card x3, 16x20)
Freddy Garcia x6 (Card x5, World Series Baseball)
Ozzie Guillen x4 (Card x3, Jersey)
Bobby Jenks x4 (Card x4)
Andruw Jones x4 (Card, 16x20 x2, Gold Glove Baseball)
Paul Konerko x4 (Card x4)
Jayson Nix x4 (Card x3, 8x10)
Jake Peavy x4 (Card x3, 16x20)
Juan Pierre x4 (Card x3, 8x10)
A.J. Pierzynski x4 (Card x4)
J.J. Putz x3 (8x10 x3)
Carlos Quentin x4 (Card x3, 10x20)
Alexei Ramirez x4 (Card x3, 8x10)
Alex Rios x4 (Card x3, 16x20)
Sergio Santos x4 (Card x3, 8x10)
Omar Vizquel x4 (Card x2, 16x20, Gold Glove Baseball)

I got 14 rookie cards signed for my rookie card project.  They were Beckham, Danks, Garcia x2, Guillen, Jenks, Konerko, Peavy, Pierre, Pierzynski, Quentin, Ramirez, Santos, & Vizquel.  I also got a total of 20 Upper Deck cards signed for my All-Time Upper Deck project.

I have posted images of everything except for the 8x10s and magazines.  Lots of good stuff, take a look!