# Wednesday, 18 August 2010
tommyjackley from SCN took part in a private signing with Frank Thomas a couple of weeks ago.  I need Frank on TONS of items, so I've been getting 3-4 done every time he does a reasonably priced signing.

I got my cards back a couple of days ago.  I'm slightly disappointed with three of the cards, and completely unhappy with the fourth.

All four cards were signed in a very thin pen, most likely a Staedtler.  Are Sharpies no longer the "default" pen for signing cards?  I know some collectors prefer the thin Staedtler look, but I was under the impression that Sharpie was still the standard.  I guess I will have to specifically request Sharpie for all future signings, as I definitely prefer a bolder autograph.

As you can see, the 1993 Upper Deck checklist was signed on the back.  This is obviously no good.  For $75 a card, I expect the card to be signed on the front.

I have contacted Tommy, and told him I either want a replacement signed card or a refund.  Tommy has good feedback, so I'm confident he will take care of the situation one way or another.  I will post here when this happens.

In the meantime, here are the four cards I received:



*** UPDATE ***

Tommy has agreed to get another 1993 UD checklist signed for me in October.  Until further notice, consider this resolved!