# Wednesday, September 08, 2010
I have spent a lot of time recently revamping the team set checklist section of the site.  Previously, the checklists were very plain... Let's face it, they were ugly!

I think the new template I'm using is a lot easier on the eyes.  Also, every checklist also has an image of one of the cards, for reference.  For certain sets, there will be a more advanced checklist which includes an image of every card.

I'm still adding checklists, so it isn't 100% complete.  However, there are a LOT of new ones that have been added.  You can browse by year or by brand.  Here are links to a few examples:

Sorted by year

Sorted by brand

Basic checklist template (2003 Topps Heritage)

Advanced checklist template (1993 Upper Deck)

There is a link to the Team Set Checklists section on the left side of the front page.  It can also be found by clicking the "Misc" button on the banner at the top of every page.

The next thing I will be working on is the address section.  I get many requests to complete this section, so it will be done!