# Sunday, 14 November 2010
I have completed scanning in all White Sox base Upper Deck and Allen & Ginter cards.  They have been added to the individual checklists.  I have also created one giant all-time Upper Deck or Allen & Ginter checklist, complete with scans.  You can view those checklists here:

All-Time Upper Deck Checklist

All-Time Allen & Ginter Checklist

On those pages, you will also notice links to a comma delimited version of the checklist.  This should be helpful if you would like to copy the checklist into your favorite spreadsheet program.

I figure these enhanced checklists will be helpful in a number of ways.  They can help you complete your collections.  They can also help you decide which cards would potentially look good autographed.  It can be very annoying ordering cards sight unseen to get autographed, and when they arrive they are so dark that the autograph won't show up at all.

I can't promise that I'll do enhanced checklists for all sets, as the scanning takes a LOT of time.  However, I will be updating the checklists for some of my favorite sets in this fashion.


posted on Sunday, 14 November 2010 21:37:16 (Eastern Standard Time, UTC-05:00)  #