# Friday, 26 November 2010
I had a couple of packages waiting for me when we got home from our little Disney getaway.  The first package I opened contained this outstanding lot of signed cards.  In 1981, TCMA produced a set of 45 cards commemorating the 1959 "Go-Go" White Sox.  Thanks to Ric4ky on SCN, I now have 20 of these cards signed.  Included in this lot were:

Luis Aparicio
Ray Berres
Ray Boone
Larry Doby
Sam Esposito
Don Gutteridge
Ron Jackson
Jim Landis
Barry Latman
Turk Lown
J.C. Martin
Jim McAnany
Ken McBride
Gary Peters
Billy Pierce
Jim Rivera
Bob Shaw
Lou Skizas
Al Smith
Jerry Staley

Here are a few of the highlights:



I was thrilled to see this lot available.  I do have autographs from most of the included players already, but this does fill a few holes.  First off, this is my only autograph from Larry Doby and Ray Boone in a Sox uniform.  Secondly, this is my first autograph of any kind from Ray Berres or Jim McAnany.