# Monday, 07 February 2011
It's official!  I will be heading to Arizona for some spring training workouts.  I arrive on February 21st, and depart on February 26th.

I've done plenty of spring training graphing, but this will be my first time at White Sox camp!

I'll be spending most of my time at White Sox camp.  However, I will also be visiting Dodgers camp and Rockies camp.  At Dodgers camp, my main objective will be completing this bad boy:

Hopefully I'll be able to knock out some Juan Uribe and Jon Garland Upper Deck cards as well.  My sole reason for visiting Rockies camp is Joe Crede.  I need him on 8 Upper Deck cards.  Hopefully I can convince him to sign all 8!

If any of you will be in AZ during my stay, please let me know!  I'd love to meet up with some fellow Sox fans, or just baseball fans in general.