# Friday, February 25, 2011
Well, I knew the bubble had to burst at some point.  Today was not nearly as good as the three previous days.  All of the big guys have cut down tremendously on the amount of autographs they sign.  Well, except for Jake Peavy of course!

Most of the pitchers finished on a small field next to the clubhouse, so there was no access to them when they were done working out.  This meant that I didn't even get John Danks!

When I asked Brian Bruney to sign, he replied "Really?  More?"  I assured him that I was just a big fan and not a dealer and he responded that he really didn't care either way, and he signed the four cards I put out.

When I asked Mike Gellinger to sign, he was VERY surprised that I knew who he was.  He actually said "Give me some" and fist bumped me!

Dunn, Konerko, Pierzynski, and Quentin all finished at the same time.  They all signed a few, but not nearly enough to get everybody.  Konerko must think I'm a dealer as well.  I had the first spot at the corner of the fence.  He walked right by me and started signing with the guy next to me.  I would have been the next person to get Dunn when he quit signing.

For the first time, I decided to wait by the White Sox parking lot.  I had heard from several people that nobody would sign.  They were very nearly right.  I was the ONLY person at their parking lot, yet just about everybody ignored me.  The only people that stopped were Mark Salas, Juan Nieves, and Alexei Ramirez.

Here are my totals:

Kyle Bellamy - 1/1
Daryl Boston - 4/4
Brian Bruney - 4/4
Nick Capra - 4/4
Kyle Cofield - 4/4
Don Cooper - 1/1 (8x10)
Jordan Danks - 2/2 (8x10s), 4/4
Gavin Floyd - 1/2
Mike Gellinger - 1/1 (8x10)
Curt Hasler - 4/4
Greg Infante - 4/4
Josh Kinney - 4/4
Shane Lindsay - 4/4
Jeff Manto - 4/4
Juan Nieves - 4/4
John Orton - 4/4
Jake Peavy - 2/2
Juan Pierre - 2/4
Charles Poe - 4/4
Carlos Quentin - 1/1
Alexei Ramirez - 1/1
Mark Salas - 3/3
Brandon Short - 4/4
Miguel Socolovich - 1/1
Dayan Viciedo - 1/1 (16x20), 2/4
Greg Walker - 2/2

I went to the Dodgers side after the Sox were done with practice.  Unfortunately, the Dodgers were done as well, and there were only a few players/coaches left.  Luckily, I got there just before Mattingly finished signing.  Once again, I was the next to last autograph that he signed.

Hector Gimenez - 3/3
Dee Gordon - 2/2
Trey Hillman - 1/1
Tommy Lasorda - 1/1 (magazine)
Don Mattingly - 1/1
Aaron Miles - 3/3
Tim Wallach - 1/1

Today's total: 83 cards, 4 8x10s, 1 16x20, 1 magazine

2011 Spring Training 6 day total: 504 cards, 10 8x10s, 8 baseballs, 7 16x20s, 2 10x30s, 2 11x14s (4 autographs), 2 10x20s (9 autographs), 2 mini helmets, 1 magazine