# Saturday, March 26, 2011
You'll never guess where I went today?  That's right, Nats camp!  I didn't spend the whole day there like I did on my previous visits.  I got there a bit before 11am.  My main objective was the Astros.

There was one other VERY big difference between today and all of the other days I've spent at Nats camp this year.  Bryce Harper actually signed!  Of course, I didn't have the SI with me that I have been carrying with me every day.  Still, I'm happy just to have seen him pick up a pen!

Nyjer Morgan came over to play in the minor league game against the Astros.  Surprisingly, he was very friendly.

The first Astros player I approached after the bus arrived was Bobby Doran.  Before I even found his page in my book, he said "I'll sign one".  Not the best start!

Luckily, just about everybody else was great.  The only other guy that was a bit iffy was Jay Austin.  He didn't say a word, and only signed 2 of 3.

I had two different senior league cards for Tom Spencer.  After he signed them, he asked if he could borrow my book for a second.  He then took it to the bench in the dugout and was showing everybody his cards.

Surprisingly, I had way more cards for the Astros Single A teams today than I did for their AAA/AA teams that were here on Thursday.


Justin Bloxom - 4/4
Brian Daubach - 4/4
Jesus Flores - 2/2
Bryce Harper - 1/1
Destin Hood - 1/1
Cole Leonida - 4/4
Jason Martinson - 4/4
Garrett Mock - 2/2
Nyjer Morgan - 2/2
Steven Souza - 3/3
Craig Stammen - 2/2
Cory Van Allen - 2/2
Tim Wood - 4/4

Jose Altuve - 1/1
Jay Austin - 2/3
Dave Borkowski - 2/2
Delino Deshields - 6/6
Bobby Doran - 1/6
Travis Driskill - 2/2
Rene Garcia - 2/2
Murilo Goueva - 2/2
Ben Heath - 4/4
Mike Kvasnicka - 4/4
Jonathan Meyer - 4/4
Telvin Nash - 5/5
Tom Spencer - 2/2
Jonathan Villar - 1/1
Austin Wates - 1/1

Today's total - 74 cards

2011 Spring Training 15 day total: 1250 cards, 13 8x10s, 11 baseballs, 7 16x20s, 2 10x30s, 2 11x14s (4 autographs), 2 10x20s (9 autographs), 2 mini helmets, 1 magazine