# Sunday, April 03, 2011
Well, today was my last day graphing spring training.  Part of me is sad, and part of me is relieved that I can get back to my normal life.  I will probably stop by in the next couple of weeks for extended spring training, in hopes of getting Strasburg.  Chien-Ming Wang should also be there, as well as a few others.

Anyway, the AAA/AA Braves were supposed to be here for a game today.  Unfortunately, they canceled the games.  The fields here are still in pretty rough shape from all of the rain.  I assume that is the reason for the cancellation. 

So my last day was spent with the Nats.  I'm out of cards for most of the guys.  There were a few guys that were among the final Major League cuts, so at least I got a couple of new guys.

I also got Bryce Harper one last time.  I didn't get him at all on my first 6 or so visits to Nats camp.  I got him 4 times during my last 3 visits.  A kid asked him for a picture, and Bryce replied "I don't do pictures". 

My totals:

Colin Balester - 4/4
Brian Bixler - 2/2
Justin Bloxom - 4/4
Brian Daubach - 4/4
Jesus Flores - 3/3
Bryce Harper - 1/1
Destin Hood - 1/1
Patrick Lehman - 6/6
Steve Lombardozzi - 1/2
Chris Marrero - 3/3
Jason Martinson - 3/3
Ryan Mattheus - 4/4
Derek Norris - 3/3
Elvin Ramirez - 2/2
Henry Rodriguez - 2/3
Josh Smoker - 1/1
Steven Souza - 3/3
Craig Stammen - 2/2
Chien-Ming Wang - 2/2, 2/2

Today's total - 53 cards

2011 Spring Training 17 day total: 1336 cards, 14 8x10s, 11 baseballs, 7 16x20s, 2 10x30s, 2 11x14s (4 autographs), 2 10x20s (9 autographs), 2 mini helmets, 2 magazines

2011 Spring Training Final Total: 1387 Autographs