# Friday, February 24, 2012
Today I went to Braves camp.  I had almost convinced myself to skip this camp this year, as I always have a miserable time, and the quality of the graphs is almost never enough to make it worth it.  I probably should have skipped it, and will almost certainly do so next year. 

The main thing that bothers me about Braves camp is the fact that you are guaranteed to miss guys, due to the setup of the facility.  Do you stand by the cages, by the back fields, or down the first base line?  Today, I missed Julio Teheran, Michael Bourne, Mike Minor, Brian McCann, and Jair Jurrjens.  All because I picked the wrong spot. 

The one time I picked the right spot, I got Jason Heyward.  He signed a ton through the gate between home plate and the first base dugout.  I got 2 cards signed, but I could have gotten more if I could have reached my duffel, which was sitting on a seat about 5 feet away.  Unfortunately, once he started signing, there were about 396 people crammed into that 5 feet. 

I got a strange bit of deja vu from my encounter with Greg Walker.  Last year at White Sox camp, I asked Greg Walker to sign about 50 times, and he always said he would sign later.  Finally on my 5th and final day, he started to respond with the same "I'll get you later".  But then he looked up at me, and recognized me as the guy that had been asking him over and over.  He jumped out of his golf cart and said something like "I'll sign for you, I've been putting you off all week.".  He then signed for me, and then got back in his golf cart and left without signing for anybody else.

Today, I asked Greg to sign as soon as he got to the batting cage area.  He said he would sign later.  I thanked him, and blurted out "I'm a huge White Sox fan!".  About an hour later, he started to head back towards the stadium.  I called out to him, and he looked up at me and recognized me again.  He came over to me, and while he was walking he addressed the crowd, saying "I've got stuff to do, I'm only gonna sign for this guy right now".  Sure enough, he signed 4 cards for me and left without signing for anybody else.

Anyway, on to the mediocre totals!

Christian Bethancourt - 2/2
Todd Cunningham - 2/2 (he smeared one), 2/2 (help from Nick, gave one to him)
Doug Dascenzo - 4/4
Matt Diaz - 1/4
Scott Fletcher - 8/8
Stefan Gartrell - 8/8
Tommy Hanson - 1/2
Jason Heyward - 2/2
Dusty Hughes - 2/2
Mathew Kennelly - 1/1
Kris Medlen - 4/4
Ernesto Mejia - 1/1
Tyler Pastornicky - 1/1
Martin Prado - 1/2
David Ross - 1/2
Andrelton Simmons - 1/4
Greg Walker - 4/4
Josh Wilson - 4/4
Jose Yepez - 2/2

Today's total - 52 cards

Three day total - 180 cards, 1 16x20, 1 10x20