# Sunday, March 04, 2012
I attended the Marlins season ticket holder autograph event today.  It is a great event, very similar to the White Sox Picnic in the Park.  The one big difference is that there are only 3 lines, rather than a line for each player.  Each line is for about 20 players.  Today, they had the big names split up as follows:

Ozzie Guillen, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes

Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, Carlos Zambrano, Heath Bell

Mark Buehrle...  umm... Gaby Sanchez?

For some reason Buehrle was the only big guy in his line.  This was no good for me, as I planned on hitting Buehrle's line at least twice, if not three times.  It would have been nice to knock out another big name each time through.

I had bought an extra ticket, and gave it to a guy I had been hanging out with a bit this spring.  In exchange for the ticket, he would get Buehrle on a mini helmet for me.  I'm not sure if he just didn't know how to handle a mini helmet, or just didn't make any effort to take care of my item, but the damn autograph ended up smeared.  It looks like the helmet was probably shoved in his bag, and something rubbed up against the autograph.  So the item I most wanted signed ended up being trash.  This really ruined the whole day for me.

It was a bad day for mini helmets.  I had a mini helmet in a bag attached to my 16x20 portfolio that I'd planned on getting Ozzie Guillen to sign.  When I pulled it out just before getting to Ozzie, it was completely scratched all over.  There was no way I could get it signed.

Other than the mini helmet fiascos, it wasn't a bad day.  I made it through Buehrle's line twice, and through Guillen's line 1.25 times.  The .25 worked out, as I was one of the last guys to get Guillen my second time through.  I didn't make it to Josh Johnson or Jose Reyes the second time though.

I didn't prepare well for the event either.  It didn't dawn on me that if I was going through Buehrle's line twice, I would be able to get the other people in his line twice as well.  So I had nothing for anybody else in his line the second time through, other than Gaby Sanchez who signed only 1/2 the first time through.

Ozzie Guillen really got a kick out of the 12x18 photo, and the guys next to Buehrle were into the 16x20 with Derrick Rose.

I'm really happy with the two Aaron Rowand cards that got done today.  They are both rookie refractors.

Prior to the event, I also hit the Marlins parking lot.  Here are both sets of totals:

Autograph event
Heath Bell - 1/1 help
Emilio Bonifacio 2/2
John Buck - 2/2, 1/1 (help)
Mark Buehrle - 1/1 16x20, 1/1 10x20, 1/1 mini helmet (help, smeared)
Randy Choate - 3/3
Joey Cora - 1/1, 1/1 help, 1/1 help
Matt Dominguez - 2/2
Greg Dobbs - 4/4
Gary Glover - 4/4, 1/1 (help)
Ozzie Guillen - 1/1 12x18, 1/1, 1/1 5x7 card (help)
Brett Hayes - 4/4
Omar Infante - 2/2, 1/1 (help)
Josh Johnson - 1/1 8x10
Wade LeBlanc - 2/2
Logan Morrison - 2/2, 1/1 (help)
Ricky Nolasco - 4/4, 1/1 (help, smeared)
Eduardo Perez - 2/2
Jose Reyes - 1/1
Aaron Rowand - 1/1, 1/1 help
Gaby Sanchez - 1/2, 1/1, 1/1 (help)
Randy St. Claire - 2/2
Carlos Zambrano - 1/1 (help)

Parking Lot
Jose Ceda - 4/4
Chris Coghlan - 1/2
Scott Cousins - 3/4
Matt Dominguez - 2/2 debut tickets
Michael Dunn - 4/4
Nick Green - 1/2 (smeared it by dropping pen right on autograph)
Gary Glover - 4/4
Brad Hand - 4/4
Kyle Jensen - 1/2, 1/1 (help)
Austin Kearns - 1/2
Tom Koehler - 2/4
Wade LeBlanc - 4/4
J.D. Martin - 1/1
Logan Morrison - 4/4
Edward Mujica - 2/4
Eduardo Perez - 4/4
Rob Rasmussen - 1/1
Evan Reed - 2/2
Sandy Rosario - 2/2 8x10s
Wayne Rosenthal - 2/2
Alex Sanabia - 2/2
Anibal Sanchez - 1/2 (only signed 2 total)
Kyle Skipworth - 4/4
Graham Taylor - 4/4
Gary Thurman - 3/3
Elih Villanueva - 2/4
Sean West - 2/2

Today's total - 116 cards, 1 mini helmet, 3 8x10s, 1 16x20, 1 10x20, 1 12x18, 3 tickets

Eight day total - 584 cards (384 autos), 2 16x20s, 2 10x20s, 5 tickets, 6 8x10s, 2 baseballs, 2 mini helmets