# Saturday, March 10, 2012
Today I spent the morning at the Nats Major League parking lot, and then I headed over to the back fields to get the Nats Minor Leaguers. 

I've done the parking lot a couple of times recently.  The first time, I was the only person there.  Today, there was one other person.  I've been surprised at how many players refused to sign for just one person.  Rick Ankiel, Matt Purke, Cole Kimball, Yunesky Maya, John Lannan, Jordan Zimmerman, Anthony Rendon, & Eury Perez all refused to sign both times.  Surprisingly, Henry Rodriguez stopped and signed today. 

When I got Colin Bates on the back fields, he pointed to my hat and asked if I was a Sox fan.  It turns out he grew up in the Chicago area and is a big Sox fan as well.  He said his favorite player was Paul Konerko.  I keep forgetting that I'm 10+ years older than some of these minor leaguers, otherwise how could it be anyone other than the Big Hurt?

Cutter Dykstra skipped both of the Bowman Chrome cards that I had out.  It turns out he thought they were already signed.  He has to have signed a bunch of these before, right?  In any case, he was very friendly.

I had 4 Heritage cards for Robbie Ray to sign.  The first one turned out perfectly.  The other 3 look like they were signed in a sharpie that had been capless for about 2 weeks.  While signing, he said "Your pen is dying".  That didn't make any sense, as the first card looked perfect.  Once he handed my book back, I realized why: he had left puddles of sweat on the cards.  No wonder they didn't turn out!  To those who sent Ray cards for a 50/50, I won't charge you extra for the game used sweat!

Ryan Tatusko asked whether he should sign above or below the facsimile signature on his Bowman card.  Alex Meyer asked where I'd like the photos signed.  Both good guys.

The totals!

Marlon Anderson - 4/4
Paul Applebee - 4/4
Colin Bates - 4/4
Seth Bynum - 2/2
Brian Daubach - 4/4
Erik Davis - 4/4
Ross Detwiler - 4/4
Cutter Dykstra - 4/4
Danny Espinosa - 4/4
Gio Gonzalez - 2/2
Mark Grater - 2/2
Rick Hague - 4/4
J.R. Higley - 1/1
Destin Hood - 3/3
Trevor Holder - 2/2
Blake Kelso - 4/4
Kevin Keyes - 4/4
Stephen King - 2/2
Pat Lehman - 4/4
Cole Leonida - 4/4
Sandy Martinez - 4/4
Jack McGeary - 2/2
Alex Meyer - 2/2 8x10s
Adrian Nieto - 4/4
Luis Ordaz - 3/3
Ryan Perry - 2/2
Wilson Ramos - 4/4
Robbie Ray - 4/4
Henry Rodriguez - 2/2
Brian Rupp - 2/2
Rick Schu - 4/4
Matthew Skole - 4/4
Josh Smoker - 2/2
Ryan Tatusko - 4/4
Michael Tejera - 3/3
Dean Weaver - 1/1

Today's total - 111 cards, 2 8x10s

Ten day total - 748 cards (751 autos), 2 16x20s, 2 10x20s, 1 11x14, 5 tickets, 8 8x10s, 2 baseballs, 2 mini helmets