# Friday, May 01, 2009
Here are my returns from the last 2 days:

Frank Baumann 2/2
John Danks 1/1
Dennis Higgins 3/3
Bill Melton 2/2
Kenny Williams 3/3

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# Tuesday, April 28, 2009
I will be in Chicago for 8 days in July.  Not only that, but I will be going to my first White Sox game in Chicago!  I got Scout Seats for the July 17th game against Matt Wieters and the Orioles!  I really cannot wait!

I'll be attending the Fan's Edge card show at the Donald Stephens Convention Center.  I don't really collect cards, as I view any unsigned card as a card wasted.  I'll be there for the autograph lineup.  So far I will definitely be getting:

Luis Aparicio (only $29!)
Carlton Fisk (1 auto included with VIP package!)
Mike Squires (unlimited autos included with VIP package!)
Billy Pierce (2 autos included with VIP, $15 for each additional item)

I may get Carlos Quentin for $49 as well.  I have a really nice 10x20 "2008 White Sox Breakout Stars" photo of John Danks, Gavin Floyd, Carlos Quentin, and Alexei Ramirez.  A friend in Chicago has already gotten John Danks on it for me, and will try to get the others as well.  However, CQ is a tough autograph, so I anticipate having to get him myself, either at this show or at next year's Soxfest. 

If there are any places you think I need to visit while I'm in Chicago, please let me know!  You can comment on this post, post on the (completely empty) forum, or email me!  Commenting on the post would probably be the best way, so other people will believe me that people actually visit this site!

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In the last 2 days I have received:

Gene Freese 3/3
Claude Osteen 2/2

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# Sunday, April 26, 2009
Jack Harshman 2/2
Ray Herbert 2/2
Al Hrabosky 1/1
Marty Marion 2/2


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I apologize for the lack of updates over the last 2 weeks.  I have been having serious issues with my hosting company.  Things are still pretty bad, so I may be leaving godaddy soon. 

Anyway, here is what I have gotten back in the last 2 weeks.  Scans of ALL items can be found in the mailbag:

Gerry Arrigo 2/2
Alan Bannister 3/3
Bobby Bonilla 1/1 (16x20, really nice signature... thanks Bobby!)
Phil Cavaretta 2/2
Tim Cullen 1/1
Sammy Esposito 3/3
Ted Gray 1/1
Johnny Groth 2/2 (with fee)
Ed Herrmann 3/3
Bruce Howard 3/3
Bob James 3/3
Howie Judson 2/2
Steve Kemp 3/3
Bobby Knoop 3/3
Turk Lown 1/1 (with fee)
Ken McBride 3/3
Don Mueller 3/1
Phil Niekro 1/1 (with fee)
Juan Pizarro 2/2
Ron Santo 1/1 (with fee)
Roy Sievers 2/2 (1 card, 1 8x10)
Lou Skizas 1/1
Kevin Tapani 2/2
Dick Tidrow 2/2
Virgil Trucks 3/1


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# Saturday, April 11, 2009
One success today:

Lamar Johnson 3/3

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# Friday, April 10, 2009
Taj, my friendly neighborhood UPS delivery man, just made a delivery.  Here is what he brought me!

I sent this bad boy up to the MAB show to have Fisk complete it.  Unfortunately, Fisk used a much thinner Sharpie than Tom did, but it still looks pretty good.  Make sure to click the picture to see a bigger scan.

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Had a few nice returns this week.

Ken Berry 2/2
Buddy Bradford 2/2
Richard Dotson 3/3
Clayton Richard 2/2
Jim Thome 1/1

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# Monday, April 06, 2009
I got one return today.  It is a pretty good one though, that I wasn't confident that I would get:

Sandy Alomar Jr. 1/1

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# Saturday, April 04, 2009
I got 2 requests back today, and I'm particularly happy about the first:

Dustin Hermanson 3/3
Vance Law 3/3

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