# Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Today is a sad day on chisoxcollector.com.  Brian Anderson has been traded to the Boston Red Sox for Mark Kotsay.

I consider myself a Brian Anderson fan.  I had high hopes for him back in 2006, and was very disappointed with the way his season went.  Since then, he has been in Ozzie's doghouse.  There is no debate over who is the better player between Brian Anderson and Dewayne Wise.  Dewayne Wise does not belong in the Major Leagues.  I feel that Brian Anderson, if given a true every day chance, would put up a .250/.330/.450 line.  Nothing great, but pretty close to average for a center fielder.  Offense, however, isn't where Brian shines.  He is one of the better defensive center fielders in the American League, if not all of baseball. 

Not only is Dewayne Wise on the roster instead of BA, but now BA is on the Red Sox!  I have an irrational hatred of the Red Sox.  They are, without a doubt, my most hated sports franchise.  It will be very difficult to cheer for BA with that ugly "B" on his cap.

Goodbye, Brian Anderson.  You will be missed!

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During my recent trip to Chicago, I finally got the chance to stop by Grandstand Sports.  For those that don't know, Grandstand Sports is the sports merchandise store down the street from U.S. Cellular Field.  It sells mostly White Sox stuff, but they do also have some Cubs, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks stuff as well.

I've always wanted to visit, and finally got the chance.  The store was heaven!  They had everything you could possibly want as a Sox fan.  Every hat, jacket, jersey, and novelty item you could imagine.  The only drawback was that 99% of the merchandise sells for the full retail price.  So as wonderful as the store was, I didn't purchase nearly as many items as I would have liked to.

What I did pick up was a fitted New Era hat with the "World Series Champions 2005" logo on the side, a deck of playing cards featuring White Sox legends, and an autographed Bill Melton bobblehead doll.  Here is a picture of the doll:

If you are a Sox fan, you have to visit Grandstand Sports at least once.  They also have a website, www.grandstandsox.com.

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# Friday, 24 July 2009
Hello Sox fans, I will be placing an order for some White Sox 8x10s next week, including the three new Mark Buehrle Perfect Game shots.  I am taking orders now!  I will be ordering the following photos regardless of interest:

1.     2.

3.     4.

5.     6.

7.     8.


If there is enough interest, I may also get images of A.J. Pierzynski, Jim Thome, Bobby Jenks, Jermaine Dye, Chris Getz, and Gordon Beckham, as well as an additional shot of Alexei Ramirez.  Here are those shots:

10.     11.

12.     13.

14.   15. 


Shipping using the method of my choice is included in the cost. You must purchase 2 or more photos.  Pricing will be as follows:

2 - 4 photos: $4 each
5 - 10 photos: $3.50 each
11+ photos: $3 each

If you are interested, just email me using the address on the left side of this page.  Make sure to reference each image by the number next to it, and include the quantity for each image.  I will be placing the order on or around July 30.  Your payment must be received prior to order date.  I accept Paypal for payment.

Photos will be shipped no later than the Saturday after I receive them from Photofile.

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Bud's Sports Cards & Collectibles will be conducting a signing with former White Sox players Oscar Gamble and Ron Blomberg on August 22.  Bud's is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and I plan on making my way down there for the signing.  I need Gamble on a few items, and will pick up a Blomberg as well.

The prices are quite reasonable.  $8 for cards, $10 for all other items.  If anybody needs help getting anything signed, please feel free to let me know.

Click here to visit Bud's website.

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# Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mark Buehrle pitched the second no-hitter of his career today, and this time he was perfect.  With a little bit of help from Dewayne Wise's circus catch in the ninth inning, Buehrle pitched the 18th perfect game in MLB history.  Pitching to Ramon Castro for the very first time, Buehrle's changeup was unhittable today. 

Dewayne Wise is probably my all-time least favorite White Sox player, but I have to give him credit for an incredible catch of Gabe Kapler's line drive.  For the first time, I am glad that Wise was in a Sox uniform!

Lost in the hysteria of Buehrle's perfecto is the fact that the Sox are now tied for first place!

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# Wednesday, 22 July 2009
First, let me apologize for the lengthy period of time between posts.  Basically, for the last month I have had ZERO free time.  A combination of being crazy busy travelling for my job, visiting my ailing father in California, and a vacation in Chicago has taken up every bit of my time.

But I'm back, and should be posting regularly again from this point forward.  To make up for my absence, this will be the longest post ever.  I have a lot to show you!

First off, I received a bunch of autographs from two Chicago collectors that have been helping me out this season.  I've been sending them items (mostly photos), and they've been getting them signed for me.  In exchange, I send extra photos to get signed for themselves.  I met up with them for the first time last week at the Fan's Edge Sports Spectacular in Rosemont, IL.  Here is what I received:

Harold Baines - 16x20
Gordon Beckham - 16x20, Card x2
D.J. Carrasco - 8x10
Jose Contreras - 16x20
John Danks - 16x20 x3
Josh Fields - 8x10
Gavin Floyd - 16x20 x2
Chris Getz - 8x10
Ozzie Guillen - 16x20
A.J. Pierzynski - 16x20
Aaron Poreda - Card x2
Clayton Richard - 8x10 x2
Aaron Rowand - 16x20
Jim Thome - 8x10, 16x20 x2 (one with Jonathan Toews)
Matt Thornton - 8x10
Dewayne Wise - 8x10

Here are some of the highlights:


Speaking of the show in Rosemont, I got some great autographs there.  The show itself was pretty weak, but the autograph lineup was quite nice.  I got the following from the show's autograph guests (all were free except for Aparicio and Fisk):

Luis Aparicio - 16x20 x3, baseball, Gold Glove baseball, mini helmet, jersey, bat, card
Dick Butkus - 8x10
Bob Feller - 8x10 x2, baseball
Carlton Fisk - 16x20, mini helmet, 12x18, card
Jim Morrissey - 8 cards
Billy Pierce - 8x10, 16x20 x2, card x2, mini helmet
Mel Renfro - 8x10, card
Pete Rose - 8x10
Mike Squires - 8x10 x2, Gold Glove baseball, 6 cards
Ken Stabler - 8x10

Carlton Fisk was very interested in the photo showing him and Tom Seaver posing on the dugout steps.  I got his mailing information, and promised to send him a copy.

I also promised to send Billy Pierce a copy of the 1959 reunion photo, as he said he only has a very small one.  Billy was a class act as always.  When I told him that I would send him that photo, I said "It's the least I can do after all of the things you have signed for me through the mail."  He replied "I sure do sign a lot of it!"

Luis Aparicio obviously did not want to be there.  He tried refusing to put inscriptions that people had paid for (just HOF and ROY and whatnot, nothing strange), and from what I hear he just got up and left with people still in his line. 

Mike Squires was extremely friendly.  The photo that the official merchandise booth was selling showed Mike with an obvious black eye.  He said that photo was taken after he was hit in the face by a groundball, and that it was the only time that had ever happened.  While he was signing mine, I asked him to inscribe it "1983 White Sox, Winning Ugly".  I said to him that it would be a fitting inscription, with the black eye and all.  He and his "handler" both starting cracking up. 

Some highlights:

Last, but certainly not least, I attended Picnic in the Park for the first time.  For those that don't know, Picnic in the Park is a yearly event held at U.S. Cellular Field.  Admission includes a 1 hour autograph signing with just about the entire team, including coaches, an on-field picnic with the players and their families, and a fireworks show.  There is also a silent auction where you can bid on game used items, and other great collectibles. 

Other than a confrontation with an idiot trying to cut in line, I had an absolute blast!  The weather was absolutely perfect for the event.  Almost all of the players were very friendly.  As usual, Jermaine Dye wasn't very friendly, and Gavin Floyd seemed to be in a bad mood as well.  When I put the 16x20 down in front of Aaron Poreda, he said "Whoooooooaaaaah, that's a nice photo!".  Chris Getz said something similar when I showed him the triple exposure photo.

Here is a picture of me in front of Billy Pierce's outfield wall display, taken by my friend Mike, whom I met up with there:

Here is my bounty from PitP:

Brian Anderson - 2 cards, 8x10
Harold Baines - 8x10, 12x18
Mark Buehrle - 16x20, 2005 ASG Ball
D.J. Carrasco - 2 cards
Jose Contreras - 16x20, card
John Danks - 16x20, 10x20
Jermaine Dye - 16x20, 2 cards, 2 8x10s
Gavin Floyd - 10x20, 2008 Yankee Stadium Final Game ball
Chris Getz - 16x20, 8x10
Ozzie Guillen - 16x20, 12x18
Kevin Hickey - 2 cards
Paul Konerko - Bat, 16x20
Minnie Minoso - Card, mini helmet
A.J. Pierzynski - 2 16x20s
Scott Podsednik - 2 16x20s
Aaron Poreda - 2 cards, 16x20
Jim Thome - 16x20, card
Matt Thornton - 2 cards, 2 8x10s
Greg Walker - 2 8x10s

Once again, the highlights:

I forgot to mention, I also took part in a private signing that PCM Sports did with Alexei Ramirez backstage at the Fan's Edge show Thursday night.  I got ten large photos signed by Alexei (9 16x20s, 1 12x18).  It was crazy behind the curtain, lol.  Here are a few of the Alexei's:

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# Saturday, 20 June 2009
I received the following this week:

Bart Johnson - 3/3
Ron Karkovice - 0/3 (asked for $5 per)
J.C. Martin - 3/3
Bobby Thigpen - 2/2

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# Saturday, 13 June 2009
I ordered a Luis Aparicio 1968 home jersey from the Mitchell and Ness website last weekend.  I plan on getting it signed at the Fan's Edge show in Chicago in July.  It arrived yesterday:

Today, I received some Tim Raines 16x20s that I sent to a collector in New Jersey as part of a 50/50 trade.  I sent him 4 photos total.  Two for him, and two to get signed for me.  Here they are:

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# Thursday, 11 June 2009
I got a somewhat unexpected return yesterday:

Tyler Flowers - 1/2 (kept second card)

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# Monday, 08 June 2009
I got two returns today.  One that was sent to spring training, and one from one of my all-time favorite players!

Willie Harris - 2/2
Steve Sax - 2/2

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