# Sunday, August 23, 2009
The wife and I went down to Fort Lauderdale this weekend.  Bud's Sports Cards & Collectibles was having a signing with with 5 former players, including former Sox Oscar Gamble and Ron Blomberg.  We decided to make a weekend out of it. 

We stayed at the Gallery One, a Doubletree suites hotel.  Since I'm a platinum Hilton Honors member, we got upgraded to a suite with a balcony overlooking the water.  The room was a tad small for a suite, but it was nicely furnished, and had a nice, clean look. 

This was my first time at Bud's.  It's a nice, large shop, with a broad selection of autographed memorabilia, in addition to the standard sports card fare.

I had Blomberg sign his two White Sox cards, and I had Gamble sign his two White Sox cards and a baseball.  The extra Gamble 1985 Topps Traded is for a friend in Chicago.

I also received a small 50/50 back from one of my independent league traders.

Edwin Almonte - 4 cards
Freddy Thon - 3 cards

Here are some pics:

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# Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Yesterday I received a success that I sent out during spring training, as well as a couple of minor eBay purchases.  First, the mail success:

Bobby Howry - 2/2 (c/o Giants spring training)

Now, the eBay purchases:

Brian Anderson 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres
Brian Anderson 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Update Red Ink

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# Sunday, August 16, 2009
Today was a good mail day, as I received my 50/50s from two traders.  One of the 50/50s was pretty small, and the other was quite a bit bigger.  We'll start with the small one.

From my Eastern League trader, I received:

Pedro Lopez - 5 cards
Mike Spidale - 2 cards

From one of my Carolina League traders, I received:

Jimmy Gallagher - 5 cards
Greg Hibbard - 5 cards
Christian Marrero - 5 cards
Joe McEwing - 10 cards
Brent Morel - 7 cards
Adam Ricks - 4 cards
Sal Sanchez - 6 cards
Bobby Thigpen - 10 cards

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# Monday, August 10, 2009
Well, it is official.  Alex Rios is joining the White Sox.  The Sox claimed were awarded his waiver claim, and the Jays let him go.  All it will cost is money.  Lots and lots of money.  Rios is signed to the following contract:

2009 - 5.9m (with the Sox paying a prorated amount for the rest of the season.)
2010 - 9.7m
2011 - 12m
2012  -12m
2013 - 12.5m
2014 - 12.5m
2015 - 13.5m club option (with 1m buyout)

Rios is having a down year offensively, with a 94 OPS+ to this point.  Prior to this season, he had seasonal OPS+'s of 120, 122, and 111.  Combined with excellent baserunning (112 SB vs. 33 CS) and fielding (2008 +/- of +4 in center field, in only 50 or so games), he is a very good player, with the potential to be more than that.

This does solidify our team, both this year and in the future.  There will likely be a rotation, with JD, Thome, Scotty Pods, and Quentin all getting some time off.  Honestly, all of them will probably be better off with a day or two off each week.

Chicago White Sox graphers are in for a treat... by all accounts Rios is a HORRIBLE signer.  You probably knew that already, based on the video that made the rounds of Rios verbally sparring with autograph seekers.

Bad signer or not, this helps the team and I am happy with the move!

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I am about to head to the Post Office to mail out ALL Photofile preorders.  I had planned on getting everything out on Saturday, but it was not meant to be.  For those of you that had ordered photos on the "maybe" list, I was able to order everything but Jim Thome, Bobby Jenks, and Chris Getz.  There was very little interest in Thome and Jenks.  There was a good deal of interest in Getz, but not enough to justify an order of 25 photos, which is the minimum order for Getz.

Thanks to everybody that took part in this.  I look forward to our next order!

By the way, I do still have some 16x20s of this Mark Buehrle perfect game shot:

If you are interested, here are the prices:

16x20 (shipped rolled) - $25
16x20 (shipped flat) - $28
Each additional 16x20 - $20 each

I do also have these Photofile 16x20s available, for the same prices.  Both shots are from the Blackout game last year, and look fantastic signed:

Orders can be combined.  For example, if you want one of each, shipped rolled, your cost would be $25 + $20 + $20 = $65.  If you are interested, send me an email using the address on the left side of this page.  Thanks!

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# Sunday, August 02, 2009
I almost forgot to post my mail successes from last week.  I received the following:

Darin Erstad - 2/2
Mark Salas - 3/3

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# Saturday, August 01, 2009
I attended the Sarasota Reds @ Brevard County Manatees game tonight, for the sole purpose of getting Jorge Orta's autograph.  At the conclusion of BP, he came over and signed.  My wife and I were the only ones there, and he signed 11/11 cards and 1 baseball with "South Side Hitmen" inscription.  I will add scans of the cards later tonight.

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In belated honor of Brian Anderson's departure from the White Sox, I wanted to pass on this little story about BA. 

The wife and I were in line for BA's autograph at Picnic in the Park.  I didn't really need BA's autograph, but I had never gotten him in person, and the wife thinks he is cute, so I thought she would get a kick out of it.  She is a huge fan of Michael Buble, and she thinks Anderson looks a lot like Buble (out of uniform anyway). 

Just as we are about to reach the front of the line, I ask her if she is going to mention to BA that he looks like Michael Buble.  She says no, making it clear that asking that question would be very embarrassing for her.

I reach BA first.  Here is the entire exchange:

Me - "Has anybody ever told you that you look like Michael Buble, the singer?"

BA - "I've heard it, but he is much, much, much better looking."

I laugh, thank him for the autograph, and move out of the line.  My wife moves up to BA, and witnesses the following exchange:

Paul Konerko (sitting next to BA at the table) - "What did that guy say to you?"

BA - "He told me that I look like Michael Buble, the singer."

Paulie looks at BA with a quizzical expression on his face.

BA - "You know!  (starts singing the Buble song "Feeling Good") Birds flying high, you know how I feel."

So my wife, a huge Buble fan, got to see Buble clone Brian Anderson sing a Buble song.  Not only that, but she says he was good!

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# Friday, July 31, 2009
Good news.  I placed the photo order this morning, and Steve at Photofile was able to expedite it for same day shipping!

Also, I will have some extra 16x20's of this Mark Buehrle perfect game shot:

If you are interested, the price will be $25 shipped rolled, or $28 shipped flat.  If you want more than one, add $20 for each additional photo.  On eBay, the only seller selling these is asking for about $29 each, plus $9 shipping.

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Well, I've finally succumbed to Twitter.  I'm just getting started, but you can follow me here:


Shenanigans will ensue.  You have been warned.

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