# Sunday, January 17, 2010
I haven't received much mail recently.  Only one return this week, but it was a pretty nice one!

Gus Zernial - 1/1 (1950 Bowman rookie card)

I've started a White Sox rookie card project.  I'm going to try to get as many signed rookie cards of notable White Sox players as I possibly can. 

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I have added 3 new certified cards to the collection this week:

I've been trying to find a signed Johnny Callison rookie, but this signed reprint will do in the meantime.  If anybody knows where I can find signed Johnny Callison and John Romano 1959 Topps rookies, please let me know!

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# Sunday, January 10, 2010
There are a few White Sox team sets that I am trying especially hard to get signed.  There are three in particular that I would like to complete:

1989 Upper Deck
1993 Flair
1994 Leaf Limited

I have finally finished one of them!  May I present to you, my 1993 Flair White Sox team set!

The final addition was the Alex Fernandez card.  I may try to get Roberto Hernandez, Bo Jackson, and Jack McDowell in blue, but overall I am quite happy!

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# Monday, January 04, 2010
Today the mailman was kind enough to bring me:

John Snyder - 2/2

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A San Diego area collector helped me out at a Toys for Tots event last month.  Jake Peavy honored his previous San Diego commitments, even though he is no longer on the Padres.  Sounds like a guy I want on the Sox!

I sent two 16x20 photos of Peavy in a Sox uniform, one for each of us.  Here is what I got back:

I'm thrilled to already be able to knock this off of my "to do" list for 2010. 

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Hello again!  I'm sorry about the lengthy delay since the last post, but I've been on Holiday!  We (the wife and I) spent some time in Las Vegas and Southern California.  I got a few nice returns during my sabbatical, of both the eBay and TTM variety.  Lets start with the eBay purchases:

Albert Belle 1998 Bowman's Best Autographs
Bill Goodman 3x5 (one step closer to completing the 59 team!)
Smead Jolley 3x5
Duane Josephson 3x5 (only need a few more all-stars!)
Willie Kamm 3x5
Cecil Upshaw 3x5

Now for the mail returns:

Greg Bollo - 3/3
Mike Cameron - 2/2
Sammy Ellis - 3/3
Tito Francona - 2/2
Ted Gray - 2/2
Jim Landis - 10/10
Don Larsen - 2/2
Eddie Robinson - 2/2
Gene Stephens - 2/2
Kevin Tapani - 2/2
Rich Wortham - 3/3


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# Friday, December 18, 2009
A lot more names have been announced for Soxfest 2010:

Harold Baines
Floyd Bannister
Don Cooper
Jeff Cox
Ed Farmer
Hawk Harrelson
Roland Hemond
Kevin Hickey
Darrin Jackson
Lance Johnson
Ron Kittle
Mark Kotsay
Bill Melton
Minnie Minoso
Juan Nieves
Gary Peters
Billy Pierce
Juan Pierre
J.J. Putz
Mark Salas
Moose Skowron
Steve Stone
Mark Teahen
Greg Walker

There is also a rumor going around regarding Omar Vizquel.  Supposedly if they can convince Omar to attend, they will also have Luis Aparicio attend and have a whole "Venezuelan" shortstop theme.  Too bad Chico Carrasquel can't be there. =(

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# Thursday, December 17, 2009
I forgot to mention something in my last post.  In addition to all of the card successes I posted, I also received a couple of 8x10s:

Dustin Hermanson - 2/2 8x10s

Dustin has been a class act his entire career, and he has maintained his beautiful autograph the entire time.  He was even nice enough to add a great inscription to the World Series photo.  Thanks Dustin!

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# Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I got a few nice successes over the last 3 days:

Sam Esposito - 3/3
Jack Harshman - 2/2
Bob Locker - 2/2
Marty Marion - 1/1
Jerry McNertney - 2/2
Billy Pierce - 4/4
Virgil Trucks - 6/3

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# Saturday, December 12, 2009
Just got back from the mailbox.  Received a few nice successes, as well as an eBay purchase.  First, the TTM successes:

Mike Joyce - 2/2
Russ Kemmerer - 2/2
Pete Ward - 3/3

The eBay purchase was a Salome Barojas autographed card.  He was one of the toughies I needed to complete my 1983 White Sox project!

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