# Tuesday, November 09, 2010
After years of longing, I finally have a signed '90 Leaf Frank Thomas.  I'd still love to pick one up with his old school, full name signature... but I'll take what I can get!  This is from Tommy Jackley's signing.

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# Monday, November 08, 2010
I received my Frank Thomas and Kenny Lofton cards from Tommy Jackley's private signing.  The 1993 Upper Deck Frank Thomas checklist was a re-send, after Tommy had it signed on the back last time.  After a bit of a struggle, he agreed to get another one signed. 



The '93 UD CL is still signed in a weird spot, but I guess it is better than being signed on the back.  I had put a post-it on the top half of the front of the card, with "SIGN BELOW" and downward pointing arrows written on it.  Apparently he took the post-it off and had Frank sign where the post-it had been.  Oh well.

There is one more Frank Thomas card that I didn't include in this post.  I will post that one tomorrow.

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# Sunday, November 07, 2010
Mike Baker (darnfloor on SCN) recently held his second private signing with Sox legend Carlos May.  This signing was handled just as well as the first, which is no surprise.  I got quite a few things signed last time, but I was happy to have the opportunity to send in four more items for this signing.


If only all private signings went as smoothly as this one.  Thanks Mike!  You can definitely count me in if you have another signing.

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# Saturday, November 06, 2010
Here is the other rookie card that mentioned in yesterday's post.  This is one that I've been wanting for a while.

In addition to the two rookie cards I have posted, I also picked up the following signed '62 Topps cards:

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# Friday, November 05, 2010
I recently won a lot of signed vintage cards from one of my favorite eBay sellers, the-dutch.  I previously won some nice autographed 1950s Topps cards from him, and couldn't have been happier with what I received.  This time, I purchased 6 1962 Topps autographs.  Included among those 6 are the beautiful signed rookie you see here:

I already had a 1962 Topps Horlen autograph, but the signature was in faded ballpoint.  This is a tremendous upgrade.

I will post the other 5 1962 Topps autographs that I received tomorrow.  There is another nice rookie included as well.

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# Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I received my cards back from SCN's "Deano", who attended the St. Louis Sports Collectors show this past weekend.  Amongst the goodies I received was Bucky Dent's 1974 Topps rookie card.

I also got Dent's 1974 Topps, two Royce Claytons, and 2 Ron LeFlores.  Thanks for the help Dean!


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# Saturday, October 23, 2010
It has been a while since I've made any progress on Project Rookie Card.  I've made a very nice addition this week.  I'm very happy to cross Tim Raines off of the wantlist.  He was the only player I would consider a "favorite" that I didn't have a signed rookie card.  Now I have both of his rookie cards signed!  These came from Chris Rifon, my trader in the Atlantic League.  Thanks Chris!

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# Sunday, September 26, 2010
Former White Sox pitcher Bob Shaw passed away this past Thursday.  I am deeply saddened by this news.  I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Shaw on several occasions.  He was kind, warm, and engaging.  He was quick was to strike up a conversation about baseball, a topic that clearly meant the world to him.

He is probably best known for his masterpiece against the Dodgers in game 5 of the 1959 World Series.  92,706 fans were in attendance to see Bob Shaw face the unenviable task of matching up against Sandy Koufax.  Koufax was masterful, allowing only a single run in seven innings.  Shaw was even better, hurling 7.1 shutout innings.

Mr. Shaw was at Soxfest in 2009.  My wife looked at some of my cards and photos, and commented to me that she thought he was a very good looking man.  When we met him during his scheduled autograph signing, I relayed this bit of information to him.  He gave a warm smile and replied "That was a long time ago". 

RIP Mr. Shaw, you will truly be missed.

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# Friday, September 24, 2010
I have just added 53 names to the retired player address database.  This brings the total to 173 players listed, with more still to come!

Retired Player Addresses

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# Monday, September 20, 2010
I have finally added a section containing mailing addresses for retired White Sox players.  Right now, it only contains 121 addresses.  Every single one of these addresses is confirmed as a working address.

I will be adding many more addresses in the weeks to come, as well as updating existing addresses as needed.


Retired Player Addresses

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