# Sunday, February 20, 2011
I made my way over to Kissimmee for the Astros workout today.  My main objective, of course, was Carlos Lee.  I got there at 7:00am to try to get him as he pulled into the parking lot.  I had a large sign that read "Please Carlos".  When he rolled up in his Bentley at 8:30am, I held the sign up in the air.  I was the only person there.  Unlike last year, when this gambit worked, he just waved as he drove right by me.

It was a fitting start to a terrible day.  Carlos didn't pick up a pen all day.  The pitchers only worked out for an hour or less, then went straight back into the clubhouse.  So you had to choose between sticking around to try and get position players, or head to the parking lot to try for the pitchers.  I stuck with the position players to try to get Lee.  Of course, Lee didn't sign.  Neither did Hunter Pence.  The only notable guys that signed more than a couple of autographs were Clint Barmes, Jason Castro, Brett Wallace, and former Sox Jason Bourgeois.  The guys I missed by staying (that I was told about) were J.A. Happ and Wandy Rodriguez.

It's only been two days, but it has been a discouraging start to spring training.  I'm striking out on all of the big names (Chipper, Lee, Heyward, etc) and the most notable former Sox (Linebrink, Lee).  I just hope the trip to Arizona leads to more success.

Here is my tally:

Brad Arnsberg - 2/3
Mike Barnett - 2/2
Clint Barmes - 2/2
Jason Bourgeois - 4/4
Enos Cabell - 2/2
Jason Castro - 2/2
Dave Clark - 2/2
Jose Cruz - 2/2
Matt Downs - 2/2
Burt Hooton - 1/2
Jason Michaels - 2/2 (he is the only guy that signed in the parking lot in the morning)
Jiovanni Mier - 4/4
Brad Mills - 2/2
Paul Runge - 2/2
T.J. Steele - 4/4
Milt Thompson - 2/2
Ty Van Burkleo - 2/2
Brett Wallace - 2/2

Today's total: 41 cards

2011 Spring Training 2 day total - 88 cards

Tomorrow I'm off to Arizona to see the White Sox!!!  Probably won't get there in time to get any autos tomorrow, but I should be racking on Tuesday!

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# Saturday, February 19, 2011
I went to Disney today to graph the Braves spring training workout.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that they were getting there physicals today, so I got there WAAAAY earlier than I needed to.

I struck out on the big names (no Chipper, Heyward, McCann, Hudson, Lowe, etc) but still had a decent day regardless.  Here is my tally (all cards):

Brent Clevlen - 1/2
Brooks Conrad - 4/4
Randall Delgado - 4/4
Jamie Dismuke - 2/2
Lee Elia - 1/1
Freddie Freeman - 1/2
Eric Hinske - 2/2
Mycal Jones - 4/4
Craig Kimbrel - 1/4
Javy Lopez - 2/2
Joe Mather - 4/4
Kris Medlen - 4/4
Roger McDowell - 2/2
Nate McLouth - 1/2
Phil Niekro - 1/2
Larry Parrish - 2/2
Martin Prado - 1/2
Wilkin Ramirez - 3/3
Jordan Schafer - 1/2
George Sherrill - 2/2
Dan Uggla - 4/4

Total - 47 cards

Next up is Astros camp tomorrow.  After that, I'm off to Arizona to see the White Sox!!!

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# Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Former White Sox manager Chuck Tanner passed away Friday at the age of 82.

Although he was known more for his time with the Pirates, Tanner had a good run with the Sox in the early-mid seventies.  Without Tanner, Wilbur Wood probably never gets the chance to be the ultimate workhorse he ultimately became, and Dick Allen likely never reaches the heights he did with the Sox.

Jim Margalus over at South Side Sox has a great piece summarizing Tanner's time with the Sox.  It is well worth a read.

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# Monday, February 07, 2011
It's official!  I will be heading to Arizona for some spring training workouts.  I arrive on February 21st, and depart on February 26th.

I've done plenty of spring training graphing, but this will be my first time at White Sox camp!

I'll be spending most of my time at White Sox camp.  However, I will also be visiting Dodgers camp and Rockies camp.  At Dodgers camp, my main objective will be completing this bad boy:

Hopefully I'll be able to knock out some Juan Uribe and Jon Garland Upper Deck cards as well.  My sole reason for visiting Rockies camp is Joe Crede.  I need him on 8 Upper Deck cards.  Hopefully I can convince him to sign all 8!

If any of you will be in AZ during my stay, please let me know!  I'd love to meet up with some fellow Sox fans, or just baseball fans in general.

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Chris Potter recently held a private signing with Sox HOFer Luis Aparicio.  The price was very reasonable, so I got a nice mix of vintage and modern issues signed.  Here is the bounty:

1958 Topps All-Star
1960 Topps
1970 Topps
2002 Topps Tribute
2005 Donruss HOF Heroes
2006 Turkey Red
2010 Turkey Red



There is something about that Diamond Kings HOF Heroes card that I really like.  The autograph really stands out on the card, and the HOF inscription is especially fitting considering the theme of the card.  All in all, it is probably my second favorite Luis Aparicio autographed card, after his 1956 Topps rookie.

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# Sunday, December 19, 2010
I was doing my weekly Robin Ventura search on eBay when I came across this item.  I am a big fan of signed statues and figurines.  I had no idea that Sports Impressions had made a Robin Ventura figurine.  The piece was limited to 975 pieces, each hand signed by Robin Ventura.  I purchased it immediately!

This brings my collection of signed figurines to six.  The other five are below.  Make sure to click the images for a much larger picture.



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# Friday, December 03, 2010
This week I received the results SCN user spoliz911's private signing with Jim Kaat.  I already have Mr. Kaat on a couple of Sox cards, but I needed him for two projects.  First, "Project Rookie Card":

The next thing I needed Jim for was my collection of Gold Glove baseballs signed by every living White Sox player to win the award.  Now I just need Ozzie Guillen, Robin Ventura, and Ken Berry.

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# Thursday, December 02, 2010
The White Sox have signed former Reds and Nationals slugger Adam Dunn to a 4 year, 56 million dollar contract.  Kenny Williams has been trying to obtain Dunn for quite some time now... and Kenny always gets his man!

According to FanGraphs, Dunn was worth $15.7 million to the Nationals last season.  $14 million a year for his age 31-34 seasons seems about right, as long as the Sox aren't tempted to play him in the outfield.  His defense at first base is acceptable, but in the outfield he is terrible... we're talking Kevin Reimer bad.

Kenny Williams insists that there is still money in the budget to resign Paul Konerko.  If that happens, the Sox should have plenty of offense in 2011, with Konerko and Dunn splitting duties at 1B and DH.

However, there is a downside to this signing.  Dunn is a type A free agent.  This means that the Sox will surrender their first round draft pick in 2011 (#23) to the Nationals.

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# Monday, November 29, 2010
This eBay purchase arrived today.  It has instantly become one of my very favorite certified autographs. 

Magglio Ordonez is the only other White Sox in this gorgeous set.  I looked on eBay, but there aren't any listed.  If anybody has any idea where I might find the Magglio, please send me an email using the address on the left side of this page.

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# Sunday, November 28, 2010
Today I received the results of my second AZFL 50/50.  This time I was working with tully420 from SG.  The quantity wasn't quite as good in this batch as in the previous one, but I'm still very happy with the results.

Charlie Leesman - 4 cards
Jared Mitchell - 5 cards

Here are some of the Mitchells:


The autograph really pops on that 2009 Tristar Prospects Plus card.  Thanks tully420!

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