ChiSoxCollector’s Autograph Collection

Baseball Cards – A-F , G-K , L-Z , Multi – Ah, baseball cards… this is where it all started for me. When I first started getting autographs, I couldn’t afford to buy anything else to get signed. So I brought a binder full of cards with me to games, and got as many cards signed as I possibly could. On a good day, I’d get over 100 cards signed. I try to collect cards that depict the player in a White Sox uniform, but I have a fair amount pictured in other uniforms. All players did play for the Sox at one time or another.

Baseballs – All of my signed balls are listed here. Every single baseball listed is an official Rawlings ball of some kind, with one notable exception. I’ve only recently started making a concerted effort to add as many baseballs to my collection as I possibly can. Moreso than any other item, I like to collect signed baseballs that have inscriptions on them, such as an award that player has won. I think it really adds to the aesthetic value of the ball.

8×10 photos – I’ve never been a huge fan of 8×10 photos, but I have a fair amount, all of which are listed here. I only collect 8×10 photos that depict the player in a White Sox uniform. The only exception is a handful of my all time favorite players, such as Steve Sax or Robin Ventura. When it comes to players like that, I’ll take any autograph I can get my hands on, whether it pictures them in a White Sox uniform or not.

16×20 photos – 16×20 photos have probably become my favorite item to get signed by some of the bigger names in White Sox history. Nothings displays quite as well as a nice 16×20.

Bats – I usually only collect signed bats from the cream of the crop, as well as personal favorites. As such, this list isn’t as long as the others. It doesn’t help that bats are quite akward to get signed in person, and quite expensive to buy secondhand. But they sure do display well!

I particularly like game used bats. It is my favorite game used item to collect. They display just as nicely as jerseys do, at about half the cost.

Jerseys – I only recently started getting jerseys signed. Like bats, I only use jerseys for the best of the best.

Magazines – Here is my modest collection of signed magazines.

Miscellaneous – Here you will find everything that doesn’t fit into the categories above. Statues, postcards, you name it.