Andrew Vaughn Private Signing

Dennis Sidler had a private signing with Andrew Vaughn at the end of last month. I picked out three cards and had them set to send out. Then the day before I was going to send them, I received the 2021 Allen & Ginter team sets that I had ordered. So I swapped out the 2020 refractor for the 2021 A&G rookie. I’m glad the A&G cards came in time!

– 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractor
– 2020 Donruss Optic Rated Prospects Holo
– 2021 Allen & Ginter


Andrew Vaughn Mini Helmet

I sent in 4 cards to the Sidsgraphs Andrew Vaughn private signing, but I also picked up a mini helmet. Mini helmets are one of my favorite things to collect, so I’m making a concerted effort to get all of the key Sox guys on them. I’m happy to cross Vaughn off of the list, though I’m not thrilled with the white pen they have started using. I much preferred the silver they used to use.

Andrew Vaughn Private Signing

I’ve bought many pieces from Sidsgraphs over the years, but until this year I had never participated in one of their private signings. I sent in for the Luis Robert signing literally a couple of days before Robert got hurt and the signing was postponed indefinitely.

The second signing I sent in for this season was with Andrew Vaughn, and luckily that one was completed successfully. I would have loved to send in a ton of items, but money was a bit tight so I settled on 4 cards. I wanted to get one of their licensed 16x20s, but I didn’t like the images they had so I passed.

I’m really happy to knock out his Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Chrome Refractor rookies. I also sent in another cool looking refractor. If they have another signing with Vaughn this season, I definitely plan on sending in a few more items.

Prospect Baseballs

I don’t know if any of these guys are going to blow up, but if they do I’ll be happy that I already have a signed baseball in my collection. I definitely don’t want another Luis Robert situation, where I end up having to get a second mortgage to be able to afford his autographs.

I don’t think Dylan Cease will be a star, but a Jon Garland type career wouldn’t be a shock. Michael Kopech and Andrew Vaughn both have the potential to be legit stars.