Just Added: All-Time Upper Deck Checklist

I am, or should I say I was, a very big fan of Upper Deck cards. They were so much nicer than plain old Topps/Donruss/Fleer. They almost had a classy feel to them. To this day, the 1993 Upper Deck set is my favorite baseball card set of all time.

I’ve put together a page showcasing every White Sox base card that Upper Deck ever made… all 531 of them! You can view that page HERE.

The only other card set I’m likely to do this for is Allen & Ginter. There will be many more checklists coming, but it is too time consuming scanning images of every single card. Most checklists will have one sample image, along with the checklist itself.

Thurman Tucker 3×5

One project I’ve been working on is getting an autograph from every player that made an All-Star team during his time with the Sox. I haven’t made much progress on this recently, as all of the players I still need are from the 1950s or earlier. I finally found a good price on 1944 All-Star Thurman Tucker.

If my calculations are correct, I now need 5 guys to complete the project.

Rip Radcliff (1936)
Ray Scarborough (1950)
Al Simmons (1933-35)
Jim Wilson (1956)
Rudy York (1948)

Fernando Tatis Jr. Baseball

Every time I see Fernando Tatis mentioned, I get annoyed. It still blows my mind that we traded him for “Big Game” James Shields. How he got that nickname, I’ll never understand. He seems to have come up short in every big game he’s ever pitched. And he stunk for the White Sox. Imagine Tim Anderson, Luis Robert, Fernando Tatis Jr, Jose Abreu, and Eloy Jimenez all in the same lineup. It boggles the mind.

I debated whether or not to add a Tatis ball to the collection, since he never even played a game in the Sox organization. But Mill Creek had a pretty good deal on one, so I bit the bullet.