Omar Vizquel Private Signing

I sent a couple of cards to a recent Omar Vizquel private signing. I’ve never felt dirtier about participating in a private signing. I’m happy to have the autographs in my collection, but I hate the idea of putting money in that guy’s pocket. Oh well. At least his HOF chances have almost certainly gone out the window. His playing career certainly doesn’t deserve enshrinement, so that’s definitely a good thing. Anyway, here are the two cards I got signed!

A Couple New Luis Robert Autographs

I’ve been torn on whether or not to pick up a bunch of Luis Robert autographs. They aren’t cheap. He could conceivably go the way of somebody like Joe Borchard, which would mean I wasted a lot of money. Or he could go the way of Mike Trout, and I’ll regret not stocking up before his signed stuff sold for multiple hundreds of dollars, just for cards.

So I’ve picked up a few things, but haven’t gone overboard. Up til now, I had splurged on a bat and his Bowman and Bowman Chrome rookie cards. I decided to add a couple more items to the collection. First, a 2020 Gypsy Queen card.

I also picked up a mini helmet.

There are five more things I definitely want to pick up at some point. I’d like to add a refractor of some kind. I definitely can’t afford his rookie refractor, but any nice refractor would do. Of course, I want his 2020 A&G card. I’d also like a 16×20. The thing is, I don’t really like any of the shots that I’ve seen available. I have been holding out for a nicer photo. Lastly, I’d like to add a gold glove baseball, and a regular ROMLB.

Albert Belle Private Signing

A rare Albert Belle private signing took place recently. Unfortunately, only cards, balls, 8x10s, and SIs were allowed, and no inscriptions were available. I picked out a nice card to get signed. I really want him on some premiums, but I’m still extremely happy to add another Belle card to the collection.

It looks kind of dark in the photo, but it looks amazing in person. I already have the Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura from this set signed, so I will probably try to knock out the remaining cards. There is a nice Magglio rookie in there, as well as Mike Cameron and Mike Caruso cards. Oddly enough, Caruso will likely be the hard one to get. The Thomas and Belle look really nice together.

Tim Anderson Private Signing

I recently participated in a Tim Anderson private signing with BM Authentics. They took good care of my items, and even texted me pictures of the items after they were signed. Some of their prices are a bit high (I believe their recent private signing with Codi Heuer cost more than the Anderson signing), but at least you’re getting good service for the money!

I plan on getting some premiums done at his next signing, but for now I got his Ginters and rookie refractor done.

Sases for Sox: Steve Carlton

Over the years I’ve started to really like multi-signed cards. So I sent a couple of cards to HOFer Steve Carlton that feature him with Sox players. I wish he had more Sox cards, and that the ones he does have were nicer. In any case, I’m very happy to add these to the collection. I’ll be sending the Fleer off to Carlton Fisk shortly. Thanks Mr. Carlton!

Send Date: 2/8/21
Receive Date: 3/9/21
Total Days: 29
Items Sent: 2 cards
Items Received: 2 cards
Pen Used: Thin blue (not sure if it’s a Sharpie)
Fee: $40 per card