New Multi-Signed Cards

I’ve recently become addicted to collecting multi-signed cards. I just sent a couple of cards off to a Nomar Garciaparra signing. I obviously have no need for Nomar in my collection. But he shares some cool cards with Paul Konerko, so I felt compelled to get them done. So I’m really excited with these pickups! These are also from the big lot I purchased recently. I’ll dump the rest of the cards from the lot in one big post.




New Cease, Dunning, & Kopech Cards

I also picked up two autographs cards each from young pitchers Dylan Cease, Dane Dunning, and Michael Kopech. I still think Kopech is going to be a star, as soon as next year. I also think Cease will be an excellent #3 starter… maybe even a good #2. Dunning will probably have a decent career, but I wasn’t all that upset about losing him. Lets hope Lance Lynn helps us get a ring this year!




Prospect Baseballs

I don’t know if any of these guys are going to blow up, but if they do I’ll be happy that I already have a signed baseball in my collection. I definitely don’t want another Luis Robert situation, where I end up having to get a second mortgage to be able to afford his autographs.

I don’t think Dylan Cease will be a star, but a Jon Garland type career wouldn’t be a shock. Michael Kopech and Andrew Vaughn both have the potential to be legit stars.