Luis Robert Private Signing

The folks at Sid’s Graphs and Bergie’s Sports Card Dugout held the first ever public signing with budding White Sox superstar Luis Robert on Monday. I’m starting to think these signings are a Jinx for Robert. Last season, he got hurt right before his private signing, and the same thing happened again this year. Luckily, this year’s injury seems to be minor.

I sent in 6 items this time. Two jerseys and 4 cards. Everything turned out pretty well. I’m slightly disappointed in how the home white jersey turned out. It isn’t terrible, but the pen didn’t perform 100% perfectly. Oh well, what can you do?

I’m holding out hope that Luis can stay healthy and join the ranks of the very best players in baseball. I’m a bit worried that we might now have our own Byron Buxton. In any case, I’m thrilled to have these new items!



Luis Robert Private Signing

Dennis Sidler conducted a private signing with Sox star Luis Robert at the end of August. This signing was supposed to happen much earlier, but Robert’s injury delayed things considerably. I bought a jersey for the signing, but the signing was postponed literally the day before I was going to send it, and no more items were being accepted at that time. When the signing was finally rescheduled, they weren’t accepting any large or premium items. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it signed at some point, and his price doesn’t go up!

I sent in 6 cards for the signing. A couple of these cards were pretty pricy. I debated whether or not to get them signed. But if Robert has the career I expect him to have, I think I’ll be happy to have a couple of signed rookie refractors!

– 2018 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Prospects Refractor
– 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor
– 2020 Allen & Ginter
– 2020 Topps Chrome
– 2020 Topps Heritage
– 2021 Topps Heritage



A Couple New Luis Robert Autographs

I’ve been torn on whether or not to pick up a bunch of Luis Robert autographs. They aren’t cheap. He could conceivably go the way of somebody like Joe Borchard, which would mean I wasted a lot of money. Or he could go the way of Mike Trout, and I’ll regret not stocking up before his signed stuff sold for multiple hundreds of dollars, just for cards.

So I’ve picked up a few things, but haven’t gone overboard. Up til now, I had splurged on a bat and his Bowman and Bowman Chrome rookie cards. I decided to add a couple more items to the collection. First, a 2020 Gypsy Queen card.

I also picked up a mini helmet.

There are five more things I definitely want to pick up at some point. I’d like to add a refractor of some kind. I definitely can’t afford his rookie refractor, but any nice refractor would do. Of course, I want his 2020 A&G card. I’d also like a 16×20. The thing is, I don’t really like any of the shots that I’ve seen available. I have been holding out for a nicer photo. Lastly, I’d like to add a gold glove baseball, and a regular ROMLB.

Project Rookie Card: Luis Robert

Due to my collecting hiatus, I was a bit late to the Luis Robert party. As such, every autograph I acquire costs a pretty penny. As much as I’d love to have 15 different Luis Robert autographs by now, I’ve had to pick and choose. My first autograph was the bat I posted a few weeks ago. I’ve now picked up his 2018 Bowman & Bowman Chrome rookie cards. That’ll probably be it for quite some time, unless I’m lucky enough to pick up a baseball, 16×20, or mini helmet.