Alex Colome Private Signing

Alex Colome had a solid couple of seasons for the Sox. More specifically, he was solid in 2019 and incredible in the shortened 2020 season. He has never been a particularly easy autograph, so when I saw somebody doing a private with him on SCN, I sent in a few cards.

I got both of his Heritage Sox cards signed, as well as some rookie refractors. Unfortunately, a couple of the refractors didn’t turn out very well. One has a slight smear, and one has a fairly large smear. I’ve contacted the promoter, and he is proving to be difficult to work with. Every time I send him a message, he reads it and doesn’t reply. I’ll send another message a few days later, asking why he hasn’t replied to my message. He’ll reply to that one, asking which cards are smeared. This exact sequence has happened twice now. I’ve sent him images of the smeared cards twice, and just last night he asked me, once again, which cards are smeared.

I’ll make sure to post an update when this is resolved, one way or another. In any case, here are the cards I got signed. You’ll see that I got three different autographs. Three cards have “A—-“, one card has what appears to be “AC—“, and the 2019 Heritage has a more detailed autograph that looks like “AlxC—“. That obviously isn’t the promoter’s fault, I’m just pointing out how inconsistent the autograph is. At least he added his number to each one to add some bulk to the autograph.



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