Frank Thomas Private Signing

I recently took part in another Frank Thomas private signing. I had only planned on sending in 3 cards, but then I heard a rumor that he might be raising his price soon. So I sent in as many as I could afford, which ended up being 9. They all turned out great. The 1992 Donruss Elite is definitely one of my top 5 favorite signed Thomas cards.

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  1. Hi Doug! Hope the week is starting well! Since you are a bigger collector and your favorite player is Frank, I wanted to ask for some help. While I’m a Yankees fan (I know, what a shock ;)), I have been looking for an Frank autograph signing for over a year and I keep missing out. The back story… my first Yankee game (early 90’s), we were sitting 15 rows back of 1st base. In comes Frank, pops one foul, hits off the second deck… bounces down to us and past my dad, mom, and sister only to find it’s way into my glove. I’ve watched his career ever since! It’s been a dream of mine to be able to tell him he was a part of my first baseball experience and to get his autograph on the ball.

    My question becomes… do you know of any upcoming signings? Is the above approach and sending the ball to an intermediary for him to sign safe? I just worry about sending my ball into the ether and never seeing it again… Not sure if that risk is worth it, but if there are reputable companies you’d recommend, I could get comfortable with it. Please let me know on this and thank you in advance for any help/guidance!

  2. Hello, I have been collecting Frank Thomas cards and items since his Alabama days untill retirement. I have 1 of the largest collections in the world but have never met him in person only watched from the seats or caught a glimpse in passing. I would love to attend a signing if he does any at all. Thank you

    1. Hello! It sounds like you’ve been a Frank Thomas fan even longer than I have! I’ll try to remember to reach out next time he does an in-person signing.

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