Luis Robert Private Signing

Dennis Sidler conducted a private signing with Sox star Luis Robert at the end of August. This signing was supposed to happen much earlier, but Robert’s injury delayed things considerably. I bought a jersey for the signing, but the signing was postponed literally the day before I was going to send it, and no more items were being accepted at that time. When the signing was finally rescheduled, they weren’t accepting any large or premium items. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it signed at some point, and his price doesn’t go up!

I sent in 6 cards for the signing. A couple of these cards were pretty pricy. I debated whether or not to get them signed. But if Robert has the career I expect him to have, I think I’ll be happy to have a couple of signed rookie refractors!

– 2018 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Prospects Refractor
– 2018 Bowman Chrome Prospects Refractor
– 2020 Allen & Ginter
– 2020 Topps Chrome
– 2020 Topps Heritage
– 2021 Topps Heritage



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