Sases for Sox: Danny Tartabull

Danny Tartabull had a 10 year run as a very good hitter in the American League. From 1984 to 1994, had a 139 OPS+ on a 278/374/505 slash line. 1996 was his only season with the Sox, and it came after his peak, but he still put up a solid 111 OPS+. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the fact that he consistently signs his mail for a pretty reasonable price. Now that I’ve finally tested the waters and knocked out the Upper Deck card I needed, I’ll probably send a few more cool cards and a baseball. Thanks Mr. Tartabull!

Send Date: 7/23/21
Receive Date: 8/6/21
Total Days: 14
Items Sent: 2 cards
Items Received: 2 cards
Fee: $20 ($10 per card)
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie


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