Sases for Sox: Rob Mackowiak

Before there was Leury Garcia, there was Rob Mackowiak. Rob was a do-it-all utility guy for the White Sox in 2006-07. The only positions he didn’t play during his 8 year Big League career were shortstop and catcher. For a utility guy, he could also hit a bit.

I didn’t even know the pictured 2006 Upper Deck card existed until very recently. I knew about the Series 2 card showing him in a Sox uniform, but had no clue that the Series 1 card had a Sox logo. So I’m really happy to knock out another card for my Upper Deck project. Thanks for signing my cards Mr. Mackowiak!

Send Date: 9/21/21
Receive Date: 9/30/21
Total Days: 9
Items Sent: 3 Cards
Items Received: 3 Cards
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie


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