Steve Trout Private Signing

There was recently a Steve Trout private signing posted on Facebook. I don’t really need Trout on anything, but it was very affordable, so I sent a couple of cards.

Fun fact. Steve Trout once serenaded my wife. For the life of me I can’t remember the song. He was signing at a Sports Card Show in Chicago, and we were first in his line when he came out. He made some kind of comment about how lovely my wife was. Then he proceeded to sing her a love song. She was so embarrassed!

Oddly enough, that isn’t the only time a player sang to my wife in Chicago. We were at Picnic in the Park one year, and we were getting Brian Anderson’s autograph. She commented that he looked a lot like Michael Buble. All of the sudden he starts singing her a Michael Buble song!

Anyway, back to Trout. In retrospect, I should have included an 81 Topps for the signing, since I’m considering doing that team set. Oh well, next time!

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