Sases for Sox: Britt Burns

Britt Burns was a mainstay of the White Sox rotation from 1980-1985. He took a hard luck loss in the final game of the 1983 ALCS against the Orioles. He pitched 9 shutout innings, but gave up the game winning home run in the 10th inning. His career ended after a very good 1985 season, due to a chronic hip injury. He won 18 games in his final season, one of only 3 pitchers ever to do so. The others are just a couple of guys named Sandy Koufax and Mike Mussina.

After his playing days ended, Burns had a long career as a minor league pitching coach. He coached in the Marlins, Tigers, Astros, and White Sox minor league systems. He always seemed a bit cranky during his coaching days, so I was very happy when I saw that he was signing his mail for a very reasonable $5 per item. I might have to pick up a 1981 All-Star baseball for him to sign. Thanks for the autographs Mr. Burns!

Send Date: 10/1/21
Receive Date: 10/16/21
Total Days: 15
Items Sent: 4 Cards
Items Received: 4 Cards
Fee: $5 per card
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie



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