Sases for Sox: Charlie Hough

Charlie Hough had a very long career, going 216-216 across 25 big league seasons. Most of his career was spent with the Dodgers and Rangers, but he did have a couple of seasons as a solid innings eater for the Sox in 1991-92. In 1987, he was the last starting pitcher to start 40 games. He was also the starting pitcher in the very first Marlins game. Charlie has always been a great mail signer (for a very reasonable fee), so I wasn’t surprised to get this rookie back signed. Thanks Mr. Hough!

Send Date: 8/23/21
Receive Date: 9/4/21
Total Days: 12
Items Sent: 1 Card
Items Received: 1 Card
Fee: $5
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie

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