Sases for Sox: Richie Zisk

In a recent Sases for Sox post, I mentioned that I was surprised Thad Bosley had started signing his mail again. Well, that surprise was nothing compared to my utter shock when Richie Zisk starting signing again! I don’t know why it took me so long to send to him. Now that I’ve finally gotten a rare Sox card signed by Richie, I might risk sending him a baseball for my “Southside Hitmen” collection. The 1977 White Sox are one of my very favorite Sox teams that were before my time, and Richie is really the only guy I still need on a baseball with the “Southside Hitmen” inscription. In any case, I’m really thrilled to add this card to my collection. Thanks Mr. Zisk!

Send Date: 7/23/21
Receive Date: 8/2/21
Total Days: 10
Items Sent: 1 card
Items Received: 1 card
Fee: $5
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie


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