Sases for Sox: Floyd Robinson

Floyd Robinson played for 4 teams during his 9 year Major League career, but all of his best seasons came with the ChiSox. He was one of the best offensive players on some excellent 1960s teams. His 1962 season was especially impressive. He slashed .312/.384/.475, which was good for a 131 OPS+. He also led the league that year in doubles with 45.

Robinson signs mail for a very reasonable $5 an item. So I sent him 4 cards, as well as a new blue sharpie. Unfortunately, he signed my cards with what appears to be a black ballpoint or gel pen. He did include an extra 1964 Topps, which is much appreciated. I’m not going to complain about the pen choice when his price is so reasonable. Thanks Mr. Robinson!

Send Date: 8/23/21
Receive Date: 10/7/21
Total Days: 45
Items Sent: 4 Cards
Items Received: 5 Cards
Fee: $5 per card ($20 total)
Pen Used: Black Ballpoint



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