Sases for Sox: Tony La Russa

I’m not going to lie. I was very unhappy when the Sox announced Tony La Russa as their new manager. And I think I was right to be unhappy, particularly in the first half of the season. He made so many mistakes, and completely threw one of his players (Yermin) under the bus. He was a bit better in the second half, but I can only imagine how good this team might have been with somebody like A.J. Hinch as manager. Oh well, I can only hope we have a new and improved manager next season.

With all that being said, La Russa is a Hall of Famer, and deservedly so. I’m certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to get his autograph, especially for free! So I send him his 2021 Topps Now card. I think it turned out pretty well. Thanks Mr. La Russa!

Send Date: 9/20/21
Receive Date: 10/6/21
Total Days: 16
Items Sent: 1 Card
Items Received: 1 Card
Pen Used: Blue Sharpie

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