Sases for Sox: Eddie Fisher

Eddie Fisher pitched for the White Sox from 1962-66, and again in 1972-73. He had an incredible year in 1965, making the All-Star team and finishing 4th in AL MVP voting. He pitched 165 innings in relief, which absolutely boggles the mind. He went 15-7 with a 2.40 ERA.

Eddie has always been a great mail signer, so I picked up a rookie card to send him, along with the last couple of Sox cards (both 1973 Topps) I had left. Apparently Mr. Fisher doesn’t sign dupes, as he returned one of the 73’s unsigned. I’m still quite pleased to get two signed cards back, though. Thanks Mr. Fisher!

Send Date: 8/23/21
Receive Date: 8/31/21
Total Days: 8
Items Sent: 3 Cards
Items Received: 2 Cards (1 card returned unsigned)
Pen Used: Thin Blue Sharpie


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